Osgoode Ward 20 Annual Investments

*New information as of Feb 18th, 2022. Approximately 1.4 million dollars has been added to the Budget Highlights to reflect the funding for upgrades to the Larry Robinson Arena in Metcalfe.

Ward investments in 2022

The budget includes $427.3 million in capital funding to improve the following:

  • $194 million for the integrated program, which includes $76 million for road resurfacing.
  • $118 million for integrated projects that reduce costs by coordinating underground infrastructure work with reconstruction of roads, sidewalks and pathways.
  • $62 million will fund major road construction projects.
  • $13.4 million will enhance active transportation through programs like the Cycling and Pedestrian Facilities Programs.


Essential Services

The City’s 2022 Budget has been approved to include $1.3 million to hire 14 new paramedics and purchase the necessary emergency vehicles required. In regard to policing, I fully supported the 2022 budget, as I am well aware of the need to increase policing within Osgoode Ward 20. I’m disappointed with the result, as this takes away from the needs within rural communities. Ottawa Police Services will still add 22 new officers over the course of 2022; in order to fulfill its hires slated for the 2021 budget.



  • $150,000 to rehabilitate the Bruce Street Bridge culvert at Cassidy municipal drain
  • $150,000 to rehabilitate the Sale Barn Road Bridge above Reany municipal drain
  • $140,000 to design the rehabilitation of the Snake Island Road culvert at Doyle Creek municipal drain
  • $340,000 to build a multi-use pathway between Old Prescott Road and Remmington Way
  • $1.6 million to build 18 drainage culverts
  • $190,000 to design 12 drainage culverts
  • $10.4 million to renew roads, including:
  • $170,000 on Belmeade Road west of Stagecoach Road
  • $1.7 million on Grey’s Creek Road between Snake Island Road and Bank Street
  • $4.2 million on Mitch Owens Road between Ramsayville Road and Farmers Way
  • $1 million on Parkway Road between Yorks Corners Road and Boundary Road
  • $2 million on Gregoire Road between Marvelville Road and Victoria Street
  • $250,000 on Broadway Street between Lafortune Drive and Lawrence Street
  • $270,000 on Popham Street west of Bank Street to Lafortune Drive
  • $110,00 on Talbot Street between Lawrence Street and dead end
  • $700,000 on Squire Drive



  • $50,000 for temporary traffic calming measures
  • $22.5 million to widen Bank Street between Leitrim Road and Dun Skipper Drive



  • $1.2 million to rehabilitate the water system on Bank Street between Leitrim Road and Dun Skipper Drive
  • $1 million for the Shadow Ridge well deepening project Parks and Facilities
  • $80,000 to replace the fire alarm equipment at the Vernon Recreation Centre
  • $200,000 to replace play structures and equipment at White Horse Park
  • $1.2 million to build Buckles Street Neighbourhood Park
  • $305,000 to build Cedar Lakes Neighbourhood Park
  • $1.1 million to build Quinn Farm Community Park


Ward projects underway




  • Install a pedestrian crossover on Parkway Road at Good Street
  • Conduct a road safety review of the intersection of 8th Line and Parkway roads



  • Continue building Stage 2 LRT
  • The new station at Bowesville, is a line and transfer station with a park and ride facility.
  • This will be constructed with an initial capacity of 800 spaces and designed to facilitate a capacity of approximately 2,000 spaces.
  • It will provide parking facilities for southern communities such as Greely, Manotick and Metcalfe.

For more information on this project, visit the attached link: 



  • $2.3 million to construct the watermain links between Manotick and North Island


Parks and Facilities

  • $190,000 to replace the play structure at Bramble Lane Park
  • $1.1 million to replace the rink slab and boards, and ice-making equipment at the Stuart Holmes Arena in the Osgoode Community Centre
  • $182,000 to build Shadow Ridge Park, Phase 2
  • $1.8 million to build Leitrim Park 2
  • $287,000 to build Leitrim Park 9
  • $304,000 to build Ovation Park
  • $36,000 to renew the pump track at Greely Village Park


Recently completed ward projects


  • $1.3 million to rehabilitate 8th Line, Byron, Rideau and Mitch Owens bridges
  • $9.8 million to resurface roads, including portions of Bank Street, Blanchfield Rd, Gregoire Rd, Parkway Rd and River Road


Parks and Facilities

  • $230,000 to replace the play structure at Kenmore Park
  • Free WiFi to be installed at both Metcalfe and Osgoode Arenas.


2022 Budget Statement

2021 has presented itself as another challenging year; and now we begin to implement a recovery plan as we navigate through the pandemic. As many questions remain, I can assure you I have been working collaboratively with city staff to advocate for Osgoode Ward 20; all this to ensure the necessary work is being done to continue building on our strong and proud community. With an emphasis on roads, as the size of Osgoode Ward includes many communities; upgrades and maintenance of our roadways is essential and a vital piece in keeping residents safe when traveling.

Over the years, I have been working relentlessly, in an attempt to repair our majorly neglected roads and drainage infrastructure. Since amalgamation, our main arterial roads and interior residential roads have drastically deteriorated. One of my main priorities has been to ensure Osgoode Ward 20 receives the ashphalt that has been long overdue. I’m proud to announce, since 2014, we have completed resurfacing on the majority of these main travel routes. With these major accomplishments in such a short period of time, I have also been able to include more interior residential roads each year. In addition to improving our roads, I continue to work with Community Associations and individual residents to implement several traffic calming measures within Ward 20. These include: 40Kms Gateways zones near parks and schools in residential areas, Thermoplastic Markings indicating the cross-sections of The Greely Loop. We have been advised that Osgoode Ward 20 possesses one of the largest fleets of Speed Display Boards; all to encourage drivers to adhere to posted speed limits.

The children and youth, along with adults and seniors, deserve parks which provide fun and stimulating scenery; to enjoy free time within a welcoming environment. I am pleased to share the completion of Kenmore Bicentennial Park this year, as well as the upcoming renewal of Bramble Lane Park, Whitehorse Park and an upgrade to the BMX Pump Track, just to name a few. To coincide with Parks and Facilities funding, I am happy to announce both Metcalfe and Osgoode Arenas will be equipped for free WIFI services for those visiting the facilities.

If you have any suggestions or areas of concern in the community, please never hesitate to reach out to my team and I at George.Darouze@Ottawa.ca. We are happy to look into this for you and see how we can help.

For further details on road infrastructure and community projects, please visit www.GeorgeDarouze.ca/ward-construction To read more on traffic calming measure, visit www.GeorgeDarouze.ca/TrafficCalming