Special Letter for Dalmeny & Gordon Murdock Intersection

January 19th, 2018
RE: Modification of the Intersection of Dalmeny Road and Gordon Murdock Road

Dear Resident,

I am sending you this letter to ask for your input on a modification to an intersection in your community. Numerous residents have brought up the intersection of Dalmeny Road and Gordon Murdock Road as a potentially dangerous intersection, where drivers frequently fail to properly yield for other motorists.

After consulting with City of Ottawa staff, we have found an affordable solution. The proposed modification is the closure of the bypass curve. To accomplish this, Jersey barriers would be installed to close off the bypass curve, new traffic paint would be added and the signage would be updated. This would turn the intersection into a 3-way stop, “T” intersection. You can find a diagram of the proposed modification on the backside of this letter. The cost of this modification would be approximately $25,000 and could be reversed in the future.

I would appreciate it if you let me know your feedback by going to www.GeorgeDarouze.com/contact, or by email at George.Darouze@ottawa.ca. The deadline for input on the intersection is February 28th 2018. As always, please feel free to contact my office at (613)580-2490.


Councillor George Darouze
Osgoode Ward 20


If you live in the Osgoode village or surrounding area and have not received a letter, please contact my office. It may not been delivered to your home if you do not receive personalized mail ("do not mail list"). We have already started to get some great feedback about the proposed changes to the intersection! 

As stated in my letter, feedback can be given here.