Stagecoach Road: Shoulders Are Getting Paved in the Village of Enniskerry!

I wanted to provide all my residents in the Osgoode Ward with an update on the Stagecoach Road resurfacing project. It had come to my attention that when they finished the resurfacing, the shoulders along Stagecoach Road in the village of Enniskerry were not paved.

After hearing the concerns and feedback from residents, I agreed that this was unacceptable and something had to be done. I immediately contacted the Mayor, City Manager and the Roads Department to discuss this issue and come to a resolution. The Mayor had agreed that the paved shoulders needed to be done in the village, even though the project was nearing completion. I was able to secure additional funding to the project and was quickly given approval.

Stagecoach Road within the village of Enniskerry from the intersection of Stagecoach & Snake Island Road (going North) will soon have 750 meters of paved shoulders!

It is my role to push for city projects like this to better our community and promote safe and active lifestyles. This stretch of paved shoulders on Stagecoach in the village of Enniskerry will successfully connect with the bike lanes that run along Snake Island road, providing residents will a safe and accessible way to walk, bike or commute in the area. I want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out my office about their concern for the shoulders. It is through this type of communication between my constituents and myself, and by collaboration with City staff, that I can continue to fulfill my role as your City Councillor!