Ready for a few spring updates on development projects in the area?

A few weeks ago we had the grand opening of the new Greely Village Centre. I’m glad to hear it has become a gem in our community in such short time! Below is more information on what’s coming next for the Village Centre, and a few other updates:

  • At the new Greely Village Centre:
    • Dollarama will be opening by the end of the month
    • PetValue, Pharmasave and the in-house doctors clinic are under interior and exterior construction
    • Site plan applications have been submitted to the City for retail, office, and a professional centre
    • The new tenant in the final building of the plaza will be announced soon!
      • Can you guess who it will be?
  • Other notices:
    • Hard Rock Casino will be submitting their expansion site plan to the City shortly
    • Professional Driving Instructors of Ontario (PDIO) will be offering in-car and in class certified driving instructor courses on the property across from the intersection of Bank and Albion
    • The lot at Victoria & 8th Line in Metcalfe will be applying for a demolition permit in preparation for their new building
    • Drummonds Gas in Manotick will be temporarily closing for construction starting Monday May 6th


There’s lots of more brewing in the background; can’t wait to share details with you once they become official!