Preventing Wildlife Collisions

You might have noticed new permanent road signs warning “Speeding Costs You Deerly” that
have been placed along our roadways that are known to be high collision corridors.

Our ward has a large amount of green space which makes it more likely that you’ll come into contact with wildlife while driving on our roadways. At this time of year collisions tend to occur more often as days become shorter and deer wander onto our roadways in search of food. The Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) has produced a resource with tips and strategies for how to lower your risk of a collision with wildlife.

Some of these tips include:

·       Reduce your speed

·       Use your high beams, scan roadways and shoulders

·       Take notice of yellow wildlife warning signs posted because other drivers have had collisions in this area

·       Drive defensively in case other drivers do not know how to react properly to wildlife on the road


The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a leading community partnership between Ottawa Fire
Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the
Transportation Services Department committed to preventing or eliminating road deaths and
serious injuries for all people in the City of Ottawa, through culture change, community
engagement, and development of a sustainable safe transportation environment.