New Automated External Defibrillator at the Greely Community Centre

As always, safety is one of my top priorities as a City Councillor. I had many senior residents, community groups, and recreation groups come to me with concerns over the lack for of AED equipment within the Greely Community Centre (GCC). As a result, I have gotten a new one installed. You’ll find the AED equipment at the main entrance of the GCC!

I am a strong advocate for these AEDs in public spaces. Since the Public Access Defibrillator (PAD) program began in the early 2000’s, over 100 lives have been saved by these AED machine. I have also worked on a project to ensure all the Royal Canadian Legions in Ottawa, not already equipped with the AED heart defibrillators, will have one provided by Ottawa Paramedic Services.

The GCC originally had one in the main entrance when the PAD program started, but it was somehow relocated when the Greely Library opened. As the GCC and Greely Library have different hours of operation, it was best and most practical to get this new one installed! Greely has grown and flourished over the years, with the GCC now providing indoor and outdoor programs to residents, kids and seniors alike. These life saving devices are important to have in public spaces, and I am glad to advocate for them in my Ward!