Greely Public Library Hours Extended

For a quite some time, I have been hearing that residents feel the rural libraries need to extend their hours, especially in Greely where people are trying to pick up their weekend reservations on a Friday afternoon.

We have all heard the phase, “it never hurts to ask”. This saying is quite true.

The request is something that I immediately brought to the attention of the Ottawa Public Library Board (OPLB). After many discussions with the board, it was found that more hours were required here in Greely, as it is the busiest rural library in the Osgoode Ward.

With the help of the Councillor Tim Tierney, who is also the OPBL Chair, we have been working together to find a solution. Councillor Tierney has presented a motion, which requests that the Greely library be open for an additional 3 hours on Fridays from 3pm-6pm. This will help improve the library services for rural residents in the Greely and surrounding areas. A big thanks to Mayor Watson, Councillor Tierney, Danielle Mcdonald Ottawa Public Library CEO, and the Greely Community Association for all their efforts in bettering our community!

Improving our rural services has always been my goal, from roads, to client services and libraries. These usually come from small requests from residents, community associations, and community groups. While there may be a reason why something cannot be done, I have always forwarded these requests with city staff to see how we can continue to improve. I look forward to the convenience these extended hours at the Greely library will provide to my rural residents!