City of Ottawa: Interim As We Heard It Report

The City-Wide Interim As We Heard It report provides transparency around how the community feedback received is impacting the development of the draft New Official Plan. The new report highlights the key city-wide themes captured through stakeholder engagement and how City Planners propose we amend policies to address this feedback. 

This report is not an exhaustive review of all changes in the developing New Official Plan policies. The intention is to highlight the most significant themes we heard in the feedback received so far from Ward 20.

Key ward issues are addressed in the report, such as the Greely Village Boundaries, designating Bank Street a Scenic Route, Country Lot Subdivisions, and Agricultural Tourism.

The engagement on the New Official Plan has been informed by the City of Ottawa’s Public Engagement Guidelines. This strategy was created with significant public input on how residents would prefer to be engaged in City projects. 

Later this summer the full updated draft policies will be released for public review. This document will include tracked changes to assist residents in mapping out how policies have shifted throughout the process. There will be an Open House for the New Official Plan team to outline how they balanced different requests to arrive at the proposed policies. Please stay tuned to the New Official Plan website for the updated reports, schedule and registration for public meetings along with additional opportunities for engagement. Thank you again for your committed engagement on this plan for Ottawa’s future.

I wish to thank the residents and community groups of Osgoode Ward and around the city, who provided input into the development of the New Official Plan. The New Official Plan team received a large and unprecedented volume of input and this helps provide a strong understanding of community views.


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