Bank St. Widening Is Here

I know this announcement has been anticipated for decades and there’s still lots more work to be done, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, and we need to start somewhere.

As promised, the long-awaited widening of Bank Street and reconstruction south of Leitrim Road to South of Dun Skipper Drive is here.

Project Description: design work includes a 2.5 km widening of Bank Street from 2 to 4 lanes. The project will also include approximately 5km of sidewalks, cycle tracks and 0.6km of paved shoulders.

Project History: the project funding was deferred unanimously in 2013 by council, before my role as Councillor for Osgoode Ward 20. This was disappointing since the housing boom in Findlay Creek was already anticipated by staff and local Councillors.

Upon deferral, the projected was to begin discussion in 2026 and likely wouldn’t see construction for a few years later. Therefore, my relentlessly work, since 2014 with the neighboring council colleagues, has advanced the project significantly.

Project In Motion: I brought this project forward to the current Transportation Master Plan and it has since been approved. Construction is now tentatively scheduled to commence in Spring/Summer of 2023.

Public Engagement:  A public information session is expected to take place sometime in summer of 2022. A second public information session will also be held once the design is finalized. Further information regarding time and location of these information sessions can be found here: