ARAC Approves Hard Rock Zoning By-Law Amendment Application

We are officially one-step closer to bringing Hard Rock Casino to the Rideau Carleton Raceway!

At Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee earlier this week, myself and other committee members approved the zoning amendment put forward for the development.

There were many Osgoode residents & community leaders in attendance to represent local businesses & support the historical development in our community. I was thrilled to hear the speakers which included Klaus Beltzner from Osgoode Ward Advisory Committee, bringing the input from Osgoode Ward stakeholders; and Gino Milito from the Osgoode Ward Business Association, giving the perspective of small businesses in the Ward. There were also the many letters of support submitted from the community including Osgoode Youth Association, Greely Community Association, Osgoode Care Centre, Manotick Village Community Association, Metcalfe Community Association, Findlay Creek Community Association, Capital Fair, Falcon Ridge Golf Course, Emerald Links Golf & Country Club, and more. It was incredibly important to have the voices of the rural community and small businesses heard into this decision. I have seen a tremendous amount of support from the Osgoode Ward for this development application that will bring Hard Rock to Rideau Carleton Raceway (RCR). This partnership between RCR, Hard Rock, and the City of Ottawa will allow for our equestrian heritage and horse racing to not only remain alive, but to thrive and expand.

Through collaboration between Councillor Qaquish, Councillor Deans, and myself, we have directed city staff to complete an area traffic management study before construction can proceed. The casino will also need to provide a written commitment to work with City staff on any infrastructure improvements necessary to deal with additional traffic demand, including Bank Street. Development of our roads must occur simultaneously with the expansion of the casino, not one before the other. It is through partnership, communication, and mutual understanding that we can ensure this development is beneficial for Osgoode Ward and residents across the City of Ottawa.

The zoning amendment will go to Council on May 9th for a final vote.