Traffic Calming

What is Traffic Calming?

  • The Temporary Traffic Calming Measures Program (TTCMP) is an initiative to improve road safety for all road.
  • $50,000 a year is allocated to each Ward Councillor to implement temporary traffic calming measures in their respective communities to address speeding issues.
  • Traffic Calming Measures include gateway speed-limit signs, speed limit painting, flex stakes, and speed boards. See below for TTC locations across Osgoode Ward.



Current Speedboard Locations

Last Updated January 2021

8th Line Road NB on street light across from 2724 8th line
8th Line Road NB South of Adam Baker Rd
8th Line Rd SB Andrew Simpson
Apple Orchard Rd WB on the third hydro pole just west of Spartan Grove St
Bank St SB on the existing hydro post above the Neighbourhood Watch sign - 8624 Bank St
Bank St NB hydro pole adjacent to 8759 Bank St 
Bowesville Rd NB 5335 Bowesville Rd
Glenwood  NB South of Corlyon St
Lawrence St EB East of Morningside Rd
Manotick Station Rd NB side yard of 6099 Pebblewoods
Marionville Rd EB 9514 Marionville Rd
Mitch Owens Rd EB on the first hydro pole opposite Downey
Mitch Owens Rd EB 7186 Mitch Owens Rd (Just East of Bank)
Mitch Owens Rd EB Just before St. Marks High School
Mitch Owens Rd WB on hydro pole 72m west of Bowesville Rd
Mitch Owens Rd WB new 6x6 facing westbound traffic, apprx. 71m west of William Lindsay Grove
Mitch Owens Rd WB across/near 9014 Mitch Owens. 
Mitch Owens Rd EB on the hydro pole adjacent to 8872 Mitch Owens Dr
Nixon Dr NB new 6x6 facing northbound traffic, apprx. 40 metres south of Annabella
Old Prescott Rd SB near Lake park Dr
Osgoode Main St EB the hydro post adjacent to 5446 Osgoode Main St 
Osgoode Main St WB on street light next to 5635 Osgoode Main
Parkway Rd WB near Walters Edge Way
Ramsayville Rd NB North of 4462 Ramsayville Rd
Ramsayville Rd SB 40 metres south of the driveway to 4030 Ramsayville Rd
Rideau Rd WB 6x6 before curve
Rideau Rd EB before the curve
River Rd NB on the hydro pole across the street from 2678 River Rd
River Rd SB on hydro pole adjacent to 2262 River Road, 157 metres north of Summerside Dr.
River Rd SB on hydro pole across from 1887 River Rd
River Rd NB on hydro pole 64 metres north of laneway to 3507 River Rd 
River Rd SB North of 3560 River Rd
Snake Island Rd WB Across from Castor Valley School
Stagecoach Rd SB hydro pole located across from 1339 Stagecoach Road
Stagecoach Rd NB 6x6 wood post, 50 metres north of Parkway Rd
Victoria St EB on the hydro post adjacent to 8120 Victoria St 
Victoria St WB on the hydro post adjacent to 8193 Victoria St
Victoria St WB just in front of the Metcalfe Village Sign on the hydro pole adjacent to 8431 Victoria St
Yorks Corners Rd NB  hydro pole in front of 1101 Yorks Corners
Yorks Corners Rd NB street light 55 metres south of entrance to 3151 Yorks Corners 
Yorks Corners Rd SB on the hydro pole next to the “playground ahead” sign just west of 3132 Yorks Corners Rd



  • 8th Line near Eldo (40km/h)
  • 8th Line near Lloyd Graham Ave (40km/h)
  • 8th Line near Andrew Simpson Dr (50km/h)
  • Apple Orchard Dr near Spartan Grove (60km/h)
  • Bank St near Morningside Ave (40km/h)
  • Bank St before Popham St (50km/h)
  • Black Stallion near Empire Grove x4 (20km)
  • Breanna Cardill St near Old Prescott Rd (Slow/Lent)
  • Deermeadow Dr near Manotick Station Rd (Slow/Lent)
  • Donwel Dr near Stanleyfield Cr (50km/h)
  • Donwel Dr near Ashley Cardill Ln (50km/h)
  • Dow St near Old Carriage Ct (50km/h)
  • Dow St near Andrew Simpson Dr (50km/h)
  • Elizabeth St near Leroy St (50km/h)
  • Elizabeth St near Philip St (50km/h)
  • Elkwood Dr near Manotick Station Rd (Slow/Lent)
  • Elkwood Dr near Manotick Station Rd (Slow/Lent)
  • Emerald Links Dr near Rick Hansen Cr (40km/h)
  • Emerald Links Cr near Tompkins Farm Cr (40km/h)
  • Evening Shadow St near Bank St (50km/h)
  • Glenwood Dr near Corlyon St (Slow/Lent)
  • Glendwood Dr near Rowan Dr (Slow/Lent)
  • Gregoire Rd near Bouchard St (50km/h)
  • Ira Morgan Way near Iveson Dr (50km/h)
  • Ira Morgan Way near Whiteside Way (50km/h)
  • Iveson Dr near  8th Line Rd (50km/h)
  • Knights Dr near Dozois St (Slow/Lent)
  • Knights Dr near Dozois St (Slow/Lent)
  • Lakeshore Dr near Stagecoach Rd
  • Lakeshore Dr near Stagecoach Rd
  • Lawrence St near Boyd St (50km/h)
  • Lawrence St near Vernon Comm. Centre (50km/h)
  • Lawrence St near Caracourt Dr (50km/h)
  • Lawrence St near Bank St (50km/h)
  • Lawrence St near Talbot St (50km/h)
  • Marco St near Old PRescott Rd (50km/h)
  • Marco St near Bank St (50km/h)
  • Marionville Rd near Gregoire Rd (50km/h)
  • Mason St near Bank St (50km/h)
  • Mason St near Old Prescott Rd (50km/h)
  • Mitch Owens Rd east of Farmer's Way Rd (60km/h)
  • Mitch Owens near York's Corners Rd (60km/h)
  • Osgoode Main St near Elizabeth St (40km/h)
  • Osgoode Main St near Vance St (40km/h)
  • Osgoode Main St near Logan Farm Dr (50km/h)
  • Osgoode Main St near Boyd St (50km/h)
  • Parkway Rd near Good St (School/Ecole)
  • Parkway Rd near Keswick Dr (School/Ecole​)
  • Pebble Trail Way near Stagecoach Dr (40km/h)
  • Pebble Trail Way near El Camino St (40km/h)
  • Ramsayville Rd near Leitrim Rd (60km/h)
  • Ramsayville Rd near Piperville Rd (60km/h)
  • Rideau Rd near Leitrim Rd
  • Rideau Rd near Piperville Rd
  • Squire Rd near Scobie Cr x5 (30km)
  • Sunset Blvd near Tranquil Gt 
  • Tintern Dr near Parkway Dr (50km/h)
  • Tintern Dr near Suncrest Dr x2 (50km/h)
  • Tintern Dr near Trebla Way
  • Victoria St near Brentwood Ave (50km/h)
  • Victoria St east of Rowan Dr (50km/h)
  • Victoria St near 8th Line Rd (50km/h)
  • Whiteside Way near Iveson Dr (50km/h)
  • Whiteside Way near Iveson Dr (50km/h)
  • Yorks Corner Rd near Springhill Rd (50km/h)
  • Yorks Corner Rd near Kenmore Bicentennial Park (60km/h)
  • Yorks Corner Rd near the Edwards village sign (60km/h)
  • Yorks Corner Rd near Jason Dr (50km/h)
  • Yorks Corner Rd near Lynwood Park Pvt (50Km)