Rural Ottawa

Rural Affairs Office

  • Monitors and support issues affecting rural Ottawa ensuring that current and emerging rural issues are a prime focus of City staff and Council.
  • Facilitates a productive relationship between the City and its rural citizens by assessing the impact of the City’s rural policies, by-laws and programs and negotiating change.
  • Establishes links with provincial and federal governments and to keep City officials informed of developments in legislative and policy efforts.
  • Advocates for the rural perspective in accordance with City Council’s direction.
  • The Rural Affairs Office also supports the implementation of solutions identified at the Rural Summit (in 2005 and 2008), and the work of the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.
  • More on the Rural Affairs Office here.


For inquiries relating to rural issues, contact Geraldine Wildman:
Phone: 613-580-2424 ext. 27815
E-Mail: sends e-mail)
or e-mail the Rural Affairs Office at


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Rural Funding

More details on Rural Funding Programs here.


Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP)
The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) provides funding for projects that protect surface water and groundwater quality. 

Rural Association Partnership Program (RAPP)
The Rural Association Partnership Program (RAPP) has a total budget of $50,000 to support the rural economy by providing funding for rural business organizations, fairs and farmers' markets. Funding is project based, with a defined beginning and end, and measurable outcomes. Maximum funding per project will not normally exceed $7,500 to ensure that all rural regions have an opportunity to access the funding. Funding will be granted on a matching basis (50 per cent) of eligible project expenses. Applications will be assessed on a competitive basis, using a peer evaluation process. Assessment will be based on the following general criteria: merit of project, economic and community impact, and organizational effectiveness. 


Rural Community Building Grants
The Rural Community-Building Grants Program is designed to support rural-based community project undertakings by non-profit organizations such as community associations and agricultural groups. Funding is project-based, with a defined beginning and end and measurable outcomes. Assessment is based on the merit of the project, community impact, and organizational effectiveness. Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the year and are evaluated quarterly by a review committee. 

Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee is responsible for ensuring that the unique interests and requirements of the City’s rural areas are taken into account in the decisions made by the City of Ottawa.  The Committee will make recommendations to Council on issues and programs pertaining to the agricultural and associated industries, the rural economy, rural residential communities, land development and landscaping, transportation, water and wastewater services, and environmental protection.