VOLUME 4, ISSUE 3: January 26, 2018


Week in Review!


Business Certificates:

Local Boys Snowblowing

This week I presented Local Boys Snowblowing owners and operators Kevin Campbell and Nick Medeiros with a certificate to welcome their new business to the Ward. This Metcalfe based business services Metcalfe and Greely and surrounding areas. Giving this certificate reminds me how much and how fast the Ward is growing! Congratulations Kevin and Nick!

RiverOak Estates Skating Trails

A new agri-business in the Ward located in Metcalfe started up recently under the name of RiverOak Estates Skating Trails. It was great to stop by and meet the owner Trevor Jamieson and present him with a business certificate to welcome his new business to the Ward. The trails are quite amazing to see in person! Congratulations Trevor!


Greely Winter Carnival Kickoff: Spaghetti Dinner/Skating

The Greely Winter Carnival kicked off with the Greely Business Association (GBA) hosting a spaghetti and skate night at the Community Centre.  Over 50 people came out to enjoy a hot, tasty dinner then some headed out to the rink for some excellent skating!


ROMA Conference 2018

Attending the annual Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) 2018 conference is an important event for rural delegates. Even though Ottawa viewed as a large-scale city by many, 80% of it is rural. Therefore, we share many common concerns with other rural municipalities in Ontario. The presentations and meetings were highly informative. Topics included the coming challenges of marijuana legalization, the role of oil and natural gas in economic development, disaster management, long-term care, infrastructure, emergency services, broadband communications, and even the impact of autonomous cars. We also received speeches from notable individuals such as Kathleen Wynne and Patrick Brown. Numerous Ministers, Members of parliament, and members of provincial parliament also attended.

ROMA presented an excellent opportunity to connect with other rural politicians to discuss common issues and best practices. The shared knowledge and discussions with other municipal Councillors and Mayors really illustrated the unique position of our Ward in regards to our mix of rural and urban needs. It was a productive 2 days packed with meetings. I was happy to fly home Tuesday morning though, just in time for Tuesday Open Door!

Splash Pads in a Rural Setting

I have had residents reach out to me several times with interest in adding a splash pad to parks in our community. I asked staff to revisit the practical and financial feasibility of introducing splash pads in a rural setting at the Community and Protective Services Committee.

A splash pad is a facility where water supply is accessible to the public, therefore, the water treatment would need to meet the requirements set out by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and that comes with some significant practical barriers. Essentially, a water treatment facility would have to be setup with a splash pad, which comes with a long and rigorous process. Even after approval for a water treatment facility, staff costs to manage and maintain the small water treatment plant would incur even greater costs for a rural splash pad. Regulations would require the water from the system to be tested an hour before operation of the splash pad and every two hours during operations. Although there would be savings from not being billed for consumption, these savings may not be significant to offset the great financial cost to setup and operate a splash pad in rural areas.


St. Mary Grade 5/6 Presentation on Municipal Politics

Having the pleasure to speak with some amazing students and teachers at St. Mary Catholic School in Greely. Speaking with local schools is one of the highlights of my job as a Councillor. It was very interesting to hear the answers of the two combined classes of grades 5 and 6 for my quiz questions. They were very energetic and absorbed the information from the presentation very well! Learning what the different levels of government including municipal were, was informative for them and I was amazed at how much they knew! It is always nice to see their curiosity, especially as they asked me how I began my civic engagement and what I do for them in the community. I was humbled to receive a beautiful mug and thank you card from them.  I look forward to visiting St. Mary’s again.


4th Annual Meet & Greet Underway for 2018

Here it is! It is official! The fourth annual Metcalfe Meet and Greet will take place May 12th 2018 in Victoria Park. The first 2018 meeting of the team was well attended at the Metcalfe Golf, headed by Marc Sauve.  This annual event sees with more local businesses becoming involved and an increasing number of visitors each year. What started out as an idea to show case Metcalfe businesses a few years ago with only a few people has blossomed into a great day combined of family fun activities, a BBQ, face painting, balloon twisting, and more.  Stay tuned for updates as them become available.  Great job Marc and team!



RiverOak Skating Trails
2900 Yorks Corners Road, Metcalfe,ON

Ever thought that winding your way around open meadows, forests and orchards on ice skates would be something you would like to do? Well wait no longer and go no further than RiverOak Skating Trails located in Metcalfe, on the way to Kenmore.  This brilliant idea to turn family farmland into some enchanting outdoor skating trails was a dream come true for Trevor Jamieson and his girlfriend Krystal Novac. Trevor and pal James Derutier work full time at the new skating trails along with their Aussie friend Ben Hardy, who helps to build and maintain the ice surfaces and the bonfire.  Growing up in Metcalfe, Trevor always had a frozen river to skate on but nothing right at his back door.  He always thought it would be great to walk into the front of the house and skate out the back right onto a rink, and that is exactly what you do at the Trails.  A beautiful reconstructed log house built from re furbished barn wood is the entrance to this unique skating venue.  Once inside, there is a wood burning fire stove to keep the chill off, a snack bar, skate rental, and benches that line the room for putting on your skates or just to take a break.  Trevor wanted to encourage people to be outdoors and enjoy nature. What a better way than a skate through the winding trails! There are headlamps available to use if you are venturing out for a night skate, as the back park of the trails are not all lit up just yet.  Once past the forest and into the meadow, the natural light of the moon shines so brightly at times that there is no need for any other lights. Back into the forest, many trees are lit up with white lights strung above the trail for better vision. Although Krystal has a full time job, she spends all her spare time with Trevor, James, and Ben at RiverOak, kept busy with curious skaters trying out the trails for the first time. This is great place to bring a group of friends or family for birthdays and other special occasions; schools can bring classes; youth groups can organize a social night out! The ideas are endless.  Why not try this new venture out sooner rather than later and plan to join in on the February Family Day weekend of fun!

Check out their website at: www.riveroak.ca or www.facebook.com/RiverOakEstates.

Happy Trails!

What’s Happening in the Community

‘Ready, Set, Kindergarten’ at Community Christian School
Submitted by Marie Cooper

Do you have a child turning 4 in 2018? Consider registering your child in "Ready, Set, Kindergarten" at Community Christian School in Metcalfe. This kindergarten readiness program will run on Wednesday mornings throughout the month of April and is open to all children, even if they will not be attending CCS in the fall. For more information, call 613-821-3669 or look at www.communitychristianschool.ca


Greely Walking Club
Submitted by Janet McGuire

Tired of being house-bound? Join the free Greely Walking Club at the Greely Community Center. 20 minutes of warm-up exercises and stretching, followed by 30 minutes of indoor walking then 10 minutes of mental activity.  Walk at your own pace. Every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9:30. 


What’s Happening in the City of Ottawa / Ville d'Ottawa

Now hiring public skating attendants!
Submitted by Kayla Twigge

We are looking for energetic staff, who like working with the public and enjoy skating. Multiply public skating and shinny hockey day, evening and weekend shifts available at Stuart Holmes Arena in Osgoode, Manotick Arena and Larry Robinson Arena in Metcalfe. If interested, email Kayla for more information at publicskating@ottawa.ca


Give feedback and Get Informed about City projects

The City of Ottawa wants your input on the projects, policies, programs and services that affect your daily life. The City is asking residents to weigh-in on how to spend more than $450,000 in the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund. Please register by Friday, February 2 to attend the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund Public Consultation session at City Hall on Friday, February 16, or complete the Vehicle-for-Hire Accessibility Fund Consultation Questionnaire before Friday, February 16. Stay informed on upcoming engagement opportunities to see your ideas, suggestions and concerns incorporated into the work that influences you and your community.