VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2: January 19, 2018


Week in Review!


Ice Storm 20th Anniversary

The Ice Storm of 1998 was an unforgettable time for many Ward residents and it is hard to believe 20 years has already gone by. This past weekend in Vernon, Kim Sheldrick pulled together a walk down memory lane in the Community Centre with old newspaper clippings and poster boards displaying the destruction of the storm, with volunteers who came together to help one another out. There was also a vendor craft sale, chili night, and Sunday breakfast to name a few other activities that took place to commemorate the Ice Storm of 1998.

OTHS Careers/Civics Class

I was proud to be invited to speak to a grade 10 Careers/Civics class. We discussed Municipal level politics and what it entails, talked about the Osgoode Ward itself and where it fits in with the City of Ottawa. The presentation surprised many of the students with facts that they did not know about Osgoode Ward. I encouraged them to ask me anything during out Question and Answer portion of my visit, where the students were able to learn even more about civic engagement. One of my favorite questions was how I came to settle in Canada and be their City Councillor. This gave me an opportunity to encourage the youth to volunteer, give back and get involved right now to better their community, jobs, and future. The presentation and discussion were very well received and I look forward to future visits for other classes as well. Knowledge is power!

Open Door

I held my second Open Door of 2018 at the Ward office. It was an extremely busy and productive day! Constable Megan Artbuthnot, the community police officer for the Ward, stopped in to discuss traffic, safety, and to check in on any concerns we have in the Ward. Greely Community Association (GCA), Vernon Community Association (VCA), and Osgoode Village Community Association (OVCA) presidents all dropped by coincidentally and it turned into a shared impromptu meeting of community issues and upcoming events. Great way for them all to meet in person and under one roof! Stop by next Tuesday between 1:00 pm and  5:00 pm for my Open Door.


Osgoode Village Monthly Luncheon

Once again, Osgoode residents Greg Thurlow and his wife Elizabeth put on a great hot lunch with all the trimming for locals to enjoy. The team of volunteers that the Thurlow’s have show true community spirit, helping where they can. These drop-in $5 luncheons are a great way to socialize and get out of the house, especially with the long winter season where these luncheons are the big excitement for the week! Well done everyone and I look forward to the next one on February 21st at the Osgoode Legion.


Appreciation Drop-In for Scrivens Depot Road Crews

I’m always happy to spend some time with the road crews who look after our Ward, especially during the long winter months. Sharing coffee and spending time with both the night and day crews gives me an opportunity to put faces to names, share a laugh or two and let them know how much they are appreciated for their long shifts, often in difficult weather conditions. It was very important to hear what concerns they have been finding while out on the roads.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Tim Dozois, Area Manager for Roads, and Jeff Holmes, Zone Supervisor, for allowing me to join them at Scrivens Depot and catch up with staff. Awesome work everyone!


Scrivens Mechanical Receives Business Certificate

Johnathan Scrivens is the owner/operator of Scrivens Mechanical, the newest HVAC Company that is located in Metcalfe. I was proud to present him with a congratulatory certificate from my office when he stopped by. His business takes him not only in the Ward but beyond the City as well. If you are looking for a new HVAC service for either heating, ventilation or air conditioning, try this new local business. Shopping local benefits not only the businesses but also the community. I am always proud to support and encourage local businesses in the Ward. Congratulations!


Manotick Greco Lean + Fit

Another gem in the community, Manotick Greco Lean + Fit recently celebrated their 10th  year in business. I presented the owner Sean James and Founder Tony Greco with a certificate of congratulations. This location has had phenomenal success with their fitness programs, and residents find the gym is very close to home, with lots who even walk to the centre! I am proud to see another success story for local business and the community. Congratulations Sean on your hard work in building the up the cliental and to Tony for starting up here over 10 years ago!


The Goode Barber

The Goode Barber is located in Osgoode Village, where owner Melody Green just recently celebrated her first year in business. It was a great time to stop by to meet her in person and present her with a certificate of congratulations. I also learned she is a fellow snowmobiler! See you on the trails! Congratulations Melody.


What’s Happening in the Community

RiverOak Skating Trails Grand Opening

Saturday, January 20th is the Grand Opening of RiverOak Skating Trails! The trail is a 2.6km enchanted frozen pathway through orchards, meadows, and forests. There will be entertainment for the whole family, hot drinks, a bonfire with marshmallows, and of course plenty of skating! Come on out and help celebrate the grand opening at 2900 York’s Corner’s Road starting at 10am.


Osgoode Township Meuseum: Become a Board Member!
Submitted by Tara Heft

Would you like to contribute to your local community? The Osgoode Township Museum is looking for new board members to attend the monthly meetings and help shape the future of our museums! Contact the Osgoode Township Museum for more info.


What’s Happening in the City

City warns of door-to-door sales scam on drinking water quality testing
City of Ottawa

The City of Ottawa is warning residents about door-to-door salespeople posing as water-quality technicians, making false claims about the quality of City drinking water. These individuals have been known to approach residents to sell water filtration or treatment systems and provide incorrect information pertaining to water quality. Ottawa’s drinking water is rated by the Ontario Ministry of Environment as one of the safest in the world. The City has an extensive drinking water quality analysis program.

City employees do not contact residents to sell products or services. Except for emergency situations, home access is scheduled in advance. City employees carry identification at all times and always travel in City of Ottawa logo-identified marked vehicles. You can ask for proof of ID! Should you have concerns or wish to report suspicious visits or calls, please contact 3-1-1.


Lifecycle Renewal for Greely West Park 

Greely West Park is up for renewal, and we would like your input! We have completed 2 options for the Lifecycle renewal project at Greeley West Park. The 2 options that were identified are "Rocket" or "Nature" themed. To view the different options, please click here. If you wish to provide comments on these options please send your input to:

Louise Cerveny, Planner
Parks and Facilities Planning
Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services
City of Ottawa
613-580-2424 ext. 27806


There will be a public consultation for the Greely West Park Renewal on Wednesday, January 24th from 6-8pm at the Greely Community Centre (1448 Meadow Drive). Please stop in to ask staff any questions or concerns you may have. We ask that you please provide your input by January 29, 2018.


Place your Garbage and Recycling Inside Your Driveway
City of Ottawa

Reminder that during the winter season, garbage containers, bags, and recycling bins must be on personal property and not on the roadway or City road allowance. If the garbage bins are on top of snow banks or on city property, plows are not able to clear your street properly. Also please remember not to place them behind or on top of snow banks!

City Seeks Applicants for its Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)
City of Ottawa

The City is establishing a Planning Advisory Committee (PAC). The mandate of the PAC is to advise on the Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Department’s policy priorities and its annual work plan and may also include other matters as they arise. There are several positions available. Members of the Planning Advisory Committee will be required to prepare for and attend meetings. It is anticipated that the PAC will meet twice per year. For more information on eligibility, roles and responsibilities and the application process, please visit ottawa.ca/volunteer or contact Eric Pelot at 613-580-2424, ext. 22953 (TTY: 613-580-2401) or by email at committees@ottawa.ca.

Winter Snow Removal

Snow removal is based on a road-priority system. Our ward has a mix of major, arterial and residential roads which have different standings for snow clearing. Residential roads, such as side streets and subdivisions will be cleared within 10 hours from the last snowflake of a 7cm + snowfall, and sidewalks and pedestrian crossings being cleared within 16 hours from the last snowflake of a 5+ cm snowfall.  Major and arterial roads are typically plowed within 4 hours following a snowfall, which is why you may see the plow go by these road first. The road-priority system allows roads staff to ensure all roadways are cleared in the most strategic and efficient manner. As equipment is deployed based on the accumulation of snow, your road may not necessarily be cleared after every snowfall event. The plows on major and arterial roadways are strictly designated for their routes, which means they are not able to deviate from their route to pass by side streets. There are dedicated routes  and equipment to clear your roadway, within the allotted time frame and as per standards. Sometimes equipment will do a first pass to clear a small amount of snow and make sanding/salting more effective. Under extreme winter storm conditions (i.e. those that exceed normal conditions), snow and ice control operations will be carried out based on the capacity of resources in as continuous a manner as practicable.If the standard allotted time for snow clearing has passed and you feel there is a delay on future snowfalls in your road or sidewalk being cleared, please contact 3-1-1 immediately so they can reach out to the roads department. You can also report any road or sidewalk maintenance issue online at https://ottawa.ca/en.

Other winter reminders!

  • It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove their own driveway windrows, being the pile of snow that accumulates at the end of the driveways and on the sides of the streets during plowing.
  • Do not push snow and ice on the street, sidewalk or park.
  • Roads will not be bare pavement during a storm
  • While performing City maintenance operations, City equipment may sometimes damage lawns and/or roadside mailboxes. If this happens please report to 3-1-1 as soon as possible and the City will investigate these reports in the Spring.



See below for upcoming events in the community. Check out the calendar on my website for more!