VOLUME 3, ISSUE 49: December 21, 2017


 Week in Review! 



Intersection Gets New Lights!

Going back more than a decade, long before I became Councillor, the intersection of Manotick Station and Mitch Owens has been a voiced concern and inconvenience for residents of Osgoode Ward. In the 2014 election year, I made a promise to address this issue. On December 18th, when the power to the lights was turned on, I delivered on that promise. This project was made possible with the generous support of the Greely Community Association (GCA), Manotick Village Community Association (MVCA), Osgoode Ward Business Association (OWBA) and the Emerald Links Homeowners Association. Thank you also to Henry Bakker of Bakker’s General Store for his support throughout the project. Although this was a difficult project, with moving cable lines and such, we had great staff who made it happen: ISD Project Manager Ian Izzard; Robinson Consultant designer Adam Smith; City of Ottawa Traffic manager Phil Landry, UDI Cable, and Rogers Cable.

Thank you also to Ottawa Police Services and City of Ottawa crews that were on hand to direct the traffic and unveil the new traffic lights. I am so very proud to be able make this happen and add to the safety of the roads in the Ward. 
Merry Christmas Osgoode Ward!


150 Inspiration Awards

It was an absolute honour to receive one of the 150th Inspiration Awards from MPP Lisa MacLeod. Congratulations to all the Osgoode Ward residents who received an award as well. They all generously volunteer countless hours of their time to give back to the the community, and they truly are an inspiration to us all! Thank you Lisa for recognizing so many wonderful and active members of our community.

Metcalfe Farmers Market Christmas Market

The Metcalfe Farmers Market held their last official 2017 market day at the Greely Community Centre with local Christmas vendors. There were delicious baked goods, teas, clothing, jewellery, paintings, and much more. The market opened at 9 am with a line-up stretching down the sidewalk waiting to get in. I hope to see you at the next Metcalfe Christmas Market in 2018!


St. Mary Catholic School Christmas Shopping Day

For decades, St. Mary Catholic School has held their annual Christmas Shopping Day! Parents volunteer to help make Christmas a little easier for children, who get the opportunity to pick out a wrapped present from under the Christmas tree, an opportunity to participate in a wonderful Christmas tradition. I tried my hand at wrapping gifts and I found it was much more fun than work! I loved talking with the children and listening to their stories on who the special person was on their list.
It was a wonderful event and I hope to volunteer again next year!

St. Catherine’s Catholic School Christmas Concert
Having a chance to take a break and visit a Christmas concert in the community was the best part of the day!  St.Catherine’s Catholic School in Metcalfe held the first of two concerts in the afternoon this week, and to hear and see the talent in the school was pretty amazing. It was obvious that there was lots of behind the scenes action with people making props, costumes and rehearsing!  Each grade had a chance to showcase a Christmas song, followed by one last song with the entire school performing together. I was touched to be invited to share in their school concert and look forward to many more to come! Merry Christmas everyone!


What’s Happening in the Ward

Toy Mountain Gets a Boost from Greely
Submitted by Linda Brayman

Local resident and student, 12 year old Allison Brayman, decided to organize a toy drive for Toy Mountain to ensure that all children would have a present on Christmas day.  She sold raffle tickets and collected toys.  She organized this by posting flyers at multiple establishments in Greely and Findley Creek also collecting at two sites.  The “Annual Brayman Holiday Get Together” at their home and the Foodland in Greely where the two areas toys were dropped off.  Her assistants, Tania Salvi and Jodi Sooley, were there to lend a helping hand outside the Foodland for a few hours.  In total, she collected $627 to buy toys and received donations of 35 toys, 20 of which were donated at Foodland by an anonymous donor.  All-in-all, after purchasing more toys with the donated/collected money Allison donated a total of 90 toys! On Thursday she was greeted at the Toy Mountain Warehouse on Sparks Street to donate the toys and receive a tour by Project Coordinator, Mark Hoey. 
What great community spirit and youthful inspiration Allison displayed following in her parents footsteps of giving back to the community.  Past GCA President Bruce Brayman and his wife Linda said it was a very proud moment for them to see her do so well.   I echo that pride having this wonderful family in the Ward. Way to go Allison!

Nicole McKerracher Wins the Growing Up Great Award
Submitted by Carley Scarf

On Wednesday December 13, Executive Director of the Osgoode Youth Association Nicole McKerracher won the Growing Up Great Award for leadership. This award recognizes an individual or organization in the Ottawa community that has had a deep impact to ensure children and youth have a chance to grow up great! In 2011 Nicole took over the role of ED at O-YA and since then O-YA has seen a 370% increase in participation among youth and volunteers, increase in partnerships from 9 to over 21 and has moved from 3 to 9 core programs as well as 4 to 8 large special events.

RCACC Presented with Commemorative Needlework Piece
Submitted by Gail Burgess

On Tuesday, Nov. 28th, Gail Burgess and Bob Taylor visited the 2951 RCACC meeting to present a needlework piece to them which commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Vimy Ridge battle in 1917. The framed piece was presented to Capt. Marc Bedard and Capt. Jamie Rodriguez. This piece was hand stitched by Gail Burgess on 36 count linen using both silks and cotton threads. The descriptions of the motifs were inserted into an envelope on the back of the frame.

Metcalfe Curling Club: Adult Learn to Curl Program
Submitted by: Rob Kennedy

Curling is one of Canada's and the world's premier sports. Whether you're 18 or 80, there is no greater way to spend the long dark winter hours than throwing some rocks, meeting new friends and sharing some good memories and laughs. The Metcalfe Curling Club is offering an Adult Learn To Curl program that is a great way to get introduced to curling and gain entry to a club and its leagues. If you are interested, please either email MCC.AL2C@gmail.com or go to www.metcalfecurlingclub.com.

Open Door 2017
Submitted by George Darouze

It was an amazing year for Open Door! I had residents come to speak about concerns, questions, pick up their civic blade, suggest new community initiatives, and so much more! Sadly, my Open Door is finished for the 2017 year. I can’t wait for Tuesday, January 9th when we will resume the Open Door, see you all then! As always, please email or phone my office with any concerns you have between now and the next open door!


What’s Happening in the City of Ottawa / Ville d'Ottawa

Snow Clearing & Winter Maintenance

Snow removal is based on a road-priority system. Our ward has a mix of major, arterial and residential roads which have different standings for snow clearing. Residential roads, such as side streets and subdivisions will be cleared within 10 hours from the last snowflake of a 7cm + snowfall, and sidewalks and pedestrian crossings being cleared within 16 hours from the last snowflake of a 5+ cm snowfall.  Major and arterial roads are typically cleared within 4 hours following a snowfall, which is why you may see the plow go by these road first. The road-priority system allows roads staff to ensure all roadways are cleared in the most strategic and efficient manner. As equipment is deployed based on the accumulation of snow, your road may not necessarily be cleared after every snowfall event (i.e under 7cm on residential roads). The plows on major and arterial roadways are strictly designated for their routes, which means they are not able to deviate from their route to pass by side streets. There are dedicated routes  and equipment to clear your roadway, within the allotted time frame and as per standards. Sometimes equipment will do a first pass to clear a small amount of snow and make sanding/salting more effective. Under extreme winter storm conditions (i.e. those that exceed normal conditions), snow and ice control operations will be carried out based on the capacity of resources in as continuous a manner as practicable.
If the standard allotted time for snow clearing has passed and you feel there is a delay on future snowfalls in your road or sidewalk being cleared, please contact 3-1-1 immediately so they can reach out to the roads department. You can also report any road or sidewalk maintenance issue online at https://ottawa.ca/en.

Other winter reminders!
• It is the responsibility of the homeowner to remove their own driveway windrows, being the pile of snow that accumulates at the end of the driveways and on the sides of the streets during plowing.
• Do not push snow and ice on the street, sidewalk or park.
• Roads will not be bare pavement during a storm
• Keep fire hydrants free of snow.
• Use wood, plastic or fibreglass driveway markers, which should be no larger than a hockey stick.
• Place garbage containers and bags and recycling bins at the curb in your laneway. Do not place them behind or on top of snow banks
• During garbage/recycling day, at times the snow will only be cleared on the side of the street where the garbage and recycling has already been picked up. The plow will return once your side has been picked up.
• While performing City maintenance operations, City equipment may sometimes damage lawns and/or roadside mailboxes. If this happens please report to 3-1-1 as soon as possible and the City will investigate these reports in the Spring.

For more information on what to expect during a storm and winter maintenance, please visit https://ottawa.ca/en/residents/transportation-and-parking/road-and-sidew....



This will be my last newsletter of 2017. I hope everyone enjoys a safe and warm holiday season. I send my best wishes to you all for 2018. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!